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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perfume is a liquid with a pleasant smell, usually made from oils taken from flowers or spices, which is often used on the skin.

hoax is a misleading trick to con naive individuals and groups into believing something that is not true or a ruse. Hoaxes can be anything between a good-hearted practical joke out and out right scandalous swindle.

perfume hoax comes by various ways, such as online emails that make the rounds from time to time telling about some poor soul who is exiting some type of business, such as department stores and gas stations. You will find that these types of hoaxes seem to change the location and the name of the place where the so-called perfume hoax takes place. These usually involve a story about a person being approached by an individual or a group who ask them what perfume they are wearing and try to sell them bogus perfumes. Alternatively, they may have them sniff a perfume and then the target person becoming unconscious by smelling what is in the perfume bottle or sample, only to awaken to find them robbed or raped.

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